About shop

The online store sells goods, the sale of which in some countries is blocked due to local legislation, which is not always a ban for sale in other countries of the world.

Products label 111 Records has a circulation of only 111 hand-numbered copies. There are no additional copies, only 111 copies.

Each edition has an inscription (Limited edition of 111 hand-numbered copy for professional DJ's only.)

Also service site allows you to buy official releases of other labels.


Conditions of delivery and payment
Shipments from Germany are not made for confidentiality purposes.

Shipment is carried out only from partners of the publishing house from the countries which are not entering the European Union. All packages are registered and can always be monitored on mail servers.

All customs forms are filled with low cost international shipping - not more than 20 euros to avoid additional charges in your country. 

Shipment within 3 days after payment. Standard international delivery 2-5 weeks.


Conditions of shipment, return of goods.

Goods can only be returned because of manufacturing defects.

All other cases - the goods are not refundable.

Privacy policy


All personal data of clients is confidential.