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Various ‎– Kung Fury (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)  111-017LP

Various ‎– The Best Of Rare Italo Disco vol.1  111-02LP

Various ‎– The Best Of Rare Italo Disco Vol.2  111-04LP

Rockets ‎– Atomic (Black Vinyl) 11-013LP

Rockets ‎– Plasteroid  11-015LP

Rockets ‎– Galaxy  111-020LP

And One ‎– Bodypop 33 1/3  111-011LP

Chilly ‎– Secret Lies  111-015LP

Cosmic Gal ‎– Keep On Moving  111-018LP

Supermax ‎– World Of Tomorrow    111-022LP

Chilly ‎– Come To L.A.   111-044LP

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Silicon Dream ‎– Time Machine   111-027LP

Miami Nights '84* ‎– Turbulence   111-025LP

Sparks ‎– Gratuitous Sax & Senseless Violins    111-024LP